poniedziałek, 26 grudnia 2016

60(s) squares

     When I made the  Simplicity 1609 for a gift, I liked it enough to give it a try as a nice, breezy summer dress (yay for sewing warm weather garments in mid-December...). I had some fresh, luminous white cotton sateen in a period-perfect abstract/square print (I have no idea what decade it comes from, as it was given to me. It may actually be from the 1960s).

So without further ado...

     I made only minor adjustments:
-I shortened and rounded the bust dart to make it lay better, as well as re-drafted the pattern to give it a bit more room around the chest
- I made it longer, as over-the-knee lenght is terrible for my legs
-I interfaced the hem, which was done using a separate facing; this helped to accentuate the A-line shape.

     The dress closure is made with a lapped, hand stitched zip and a hook-and-eye.

 The biggest problem I and Husband-the-faithful-photographer had with blogging this dress was in fact the weather-we have such a grey, dull winter and it's always dark both in- and outside.

    I pinked the seams (the cotton is very firm and dense) and I didn't line it, as it's supposed to be a way out of my constant summer dilemma, "how not to expose too much skin but be able to stay cool in a sizzling city". I think this pattern was made for cheerful, light dresses; it's so simple and unfussy.

    I hope you're all getting some good rest during the holidays. Let it sew, let it sew, let is sew :-)