wtorek, 13 września 2016

Panting for pants

a.k.a. quick note about something that's very rare in my wardrobe.

Recently, I started learning how to drive and - besides it being so much fun - it made me realise that my closet needs something which would be car-friendly. Since one needs to drive in flat shoes (ugh), separates like pencil/straight skirts are out as, when combined with above-mentioned flats, they tend to make me look like a duck. The line is awful and it doesn't work. Circle skirts do, but hey - my driving instructor lets out a quiet sigh when I try to fit a long wool circle skirt with a petticoat into a B-segment vehicle.
Soooo, long story short, it was time for pants.

Yep, the Husband was again patient enough to take these photos. <3

I rarely wear a pair in everyday life (work being an exeption), but I've always liked the look of slim 1950s pedal pushers and 1960s cigarette pants. Looking for an interesting pattern, I ended up with Burda 8/2010 108E - another rare choice for me, as I have a love-hate relationship with the magazine.
The mentioned issue landed in my mailbox after I got inspired by Marchewkowa's amazing baby blue coat (which you can see here). The Jackie Kennedy editorial had some nice lines and silhouettes, so I decided to give it a green light.

The pattern is very simple and - surprise, surprise - very well drafted. I needed almost no alterations at all (besides tightening the waist). These pants closely resemble their predecessors from the 60s. I chose a bit different fabric than what was suggested; mine is wool mix gabardine and doesn't have any stretch. I made the zipper the way I prefer (that is lapped) and I omitted the pockets, as I didn't want to destroy the slim line. The button is ornamental - pants fasten with two snaps. The belt is interfaced, as always, with heavy canvas (note: I'm wearing an additional leather belt on most on the photos to tighten the cinch).

The loveliest details are the fronts darts, which on they way become sewn-down front creases creating one, smooth line (yeah, a lot of "line" word in this note).

All in all, they do feel a bit too modern for my taste, but surprisingly I get lots of wear out of them.

P.S. In case you were wondering about the shirt I'm wearing, it's Simplicity 2154 that I made over a year ago with a cream-coloured cotton.  :)