niedziela, 27 listopada 2016

A jump(er) into a deep end

Hello, dear Readers.

    I haven't really pampered you the last few weeks, have I... Unfortunately, I'm forced to let work consume a lot of my time, energy and good mood lately.
But! I've refitted my graduation green silk dress (I'll post about it soon) and I've been convinced by the freezing November temperature that it'd be a good idea to sew something warm to wear around the house or/and in my informal time.

    I had some soft, fluffy wool that I've bought few years ago. There was only 140cm (about 1,5 yards) of it, so the options for projects were limited. As those of you who follow me on Instagram already know, I decided to give Burda Vintage Mary jumper a try.

My Husband has the greatest patience for taking the blog photos.
    I had to squeeze the jumper into my piece of wool, so I shortened the sleeves, got creative about the facings (I've pieced them) and omitted the belt (I already had one in almost the same color as the one of my fabric). I also got to the conclusion that (not for the first time) Burda's sizing chart is crazy. Even though, according to Burda's chart, I'm a size 40, I've cut out the 34 size and it fits well, giving me some extra room to breathe. So a size 40 would probably fit both me and my Husband inside at the same time.

    I like that the armhole is quite tight and high, which helps to look slimmer even though the jumper is trapeze-shaped. What makes Mary stand out is her collar-cut on the bias. It's easy to mould; to retain the draping quality I decided to omit the interfacing. I stabilized the edge of the neckline with a strip of cotton selvage.

     Because I don't like the fuss of having many buttons to fasten at the back, I've sewn the opening shut except for the last 5cm; that is closed by two hidden snaps. I decorated the back with 3 big buttons, which are purely ornamental. To make them unobtrusive, I had covered them in the main fabric.

    We're having an awful November here in Poland; except for a few sunny days it's painfully cold, dark and rainy. Pardon me for the grainy photos; my camera isn't exactly a thoroughbred. Fortunately here comes the December! All the (wintery) best to you, my dear Reader.