niedziela, 24 lipca 2016

Vintage Pattern Contest Entry aka McCall 7077

Hello my dear, patient readers :)

Not long ago I fell in love with a pattern I saw on Ebay. I turned my purse inside out and looked for every penny, as I knew me and McCall 7077 were meant to be together. After its long journey from sunny California to (not so sunny) Poland, I could start planning my next project.

This McCall pattern is from the 1932; back when they were still McCall, short of " 's " . It's printed, which was a great innovation at the time and which fueled the company's commercial potential. I chose the view B.

 I'd love to thank my dear Husband for taking all of these beautiful photos.

I have sewn this dress with two crêpes, beige and black, as such contrasting colours highlight the cut. I made some slight changes, that is:
1) I simplified the vestee and added a small bow,
2) I omitted two of the belt's buttons,
3) I made a minor FBA.

The pattern is quite big, which was surprising; in general, vintage patterns run quite small, but this one had quite a lot of ease.

 I had some problems with assembly, as the instructions are painfully skimpy, so all was left was a little bit of 'trial-and-error', but all in all, the dress turned out all right.

I hope to sew it again with wool crêpe with a better drape, using softer contrasts (navy with dusty blue, hm?).


P.S. This dress is my entry in 2016 Vintage Pattern Contest on Go and see all the wonderful project the contestants have sewn!